Little Blog Dress Media provides social media services to local businesses on a monthly basis.

Services include, but are not limited to:

Social Media Set Up and Management

Twitter Facebook   InstagramGoogle-Plus

Geolocation/Online Review Set-Up and Management

 saupload_yelp-logo tataurbanspoon Foursquare

Blog  and Website Creation and Management

Blogger Wordpress 

Consistent Social Media Branding : Postings every other business day and every day up to an event (if applicable) on your social media platforms. These are quality posts your business, your industry and about area news that is relevant to the fans of the page so we really hold on to that social aspect (not always talking about your business, which tune people out)

Social Media Hourly Engagement : checking for comments, questions, messages, etc. on all of your social media platforms which are responded to, engaged and answered in a timely manner.

Daily Online Review Management: Urban Spoon, Trip Advisor Yelp, Foodspotting, Instagram, etc are monitored daily for reviews and posts which are shared if positive and dealt with immediately if negative. If anyone posts pictures on Instagram about your business, check in or mention your business anywhere online, we repost them.